Tacoma Rocks!


Inkwell editor-in-chief Allison Fitz found this personalized rock on the Annie Wright campus last spring.

Kaitlin Tan

Intricately decorated rocks continue to pop up around Tacoma: in tree branches, behind schools, scattered in parks, from the Hilltop neighborhood to Point Defiance Park. These rocks have been appearing in the city since April 2016.

Tacoma Rocks was founded accidentally by Brooke Baker, who became inspired by a rock she stumbled upon during her trip to Port Angeles. The idea of finding something unexpected and having it brighten a day piqued her interest about continuing the idea to Tacoma. From then on, a group called “Tacoma Rocks” has been continuing her vision.

The concept of the rocks is simple: paint a picture on the smooth face of the rock, as if it is a very small work of art, write a message on the back that is partial to Tacoma, and hide it somewhere in the city to bring a big smile to someone’s face.