Apple introduces two new iPhones and takes a bite out of your wallet


Jade Cheatham

In 2007, Apple debuted the first iPhone, making this year its 10th anniversary. Because of the special occasion, Apple introduced two new iPhones. The iPhone 8 was released last month, and the iPhone X will be released in November.

The iPhone 8 was released on September 22, 2017. Although the iPhone is very similar to the previous iPhone 7, there are a few additions. Firstly, it is slightly larger and heavier than the iPhone 7, but there are no noticeable size differences. There are a few visual differences to the new iPhone. From the front, the iPhone 7 and 8 look the same, but the back of the iPhone 8 is made completely out of glass, giving it a more sleek look. The fully glass phone makes it water and dust resistant.

The biggest upgrade from the older iPhones is the wireless charging. The wireless charging is included in both the iPhone 8 and X. Apple has finally developed wireless charging, which is much more convenient than the charging cables. In 2018, Apple will release “Airpower,” the official charging pad, but the phone charges with any type of Qi charger. The glass back allows the iPhone to be placed on the mat to charge.

The iPhone 8’s starting price $699, and the iPhone 8 plus’s starting price is $799.

According to an Apple store clerk, “The iPhone 8 is very similar to the iPhone 7, so it would be best to wait for the iPhone X to come out if you want a completely different experience.”

What to expect for the iPhone X

For the iPhone X, there are a many visual differences, giving it a whole different design. The front of the iPhone is almost entirely made out of screen, giving it a different look than the previous versions. Because the phone has such a large screen, there is no home button, which is very distinct from the previous phones.

The iPhone X has a dual 12MP camera, making it the clearest iPhone camera that has been developed. These cameras are set up vertically, rather than horizontally, like the iPhone 8. Both the rear and front facing cameras have portrait mode, which was introduced with the iPhone 7. Also added to the cameras was the ability to change the lighting, which creates the effect of real studio lighting.

The most talked about feature that was added to the iPhone X is the face recognition. In previous phones, unlocking the phone was by fingerprint. According to Apple, “Face ID can also reveal notifications and messages, keep the screen lit when you’re reading, or lower the volume of an alarm or ringer,” making it more convenient than the previous touch ID, which was only used to unlock the phone.

The iPhone X’s starting price is $999.