Choose your student-led clubs


Badminton Club, led by Poplar Yang, will meet as a spring sport this March.

Nina Doody

Sixteen student-led clubs gave the Upper School for Girls a brief presentation of their respective clubs in Chapel last Wednesday. This year’s club choices, their meeting times and locations are the following:

Hispanic/Latinx Culture Club, led by Katye Mayora and Dayanara Flores
Monday 2:30-3:00 in Ms. Stokes’s room

Japanese Culture Club, led by April Fraser, Rachel Holland and Mia Kao
Fridays 2:15-2:50 in the College Lounge

Chinese Culture Club (CCC), led by Aimee Xu and Vicky Cai
Fridays 1:55  in the Co-Lab

Dance Team, led by Ariel Chiang and Serafina Xie
Fridays 1:55 in the Kemper Dance Studio  

Gay, Straight, Alliance (GSA), led by Kali McCoy
Friday Tutorial in Mr. Soustelle’s room

Girls Who Code, led by Jasmine Pan
Friday 2:15 in Mr. Considine’s room

Indian Culture Club (ICC), led by Harmeet Dhami and Jaskiran Pental
Thursday at lunch, twice a month

Nature and Outdoor Adventure Club, led by Phoebe Brown and Iris Li
Tuesday lunch in Mr. Burns room

Black Student Union, led by Amethyst Kettrell and Keyariee Cooks-Nixon
Friday beginning of tutorial in Campfire

Flash, led by Anna Haddad and Eleanor Tanbara
Tuesday-Friday, 3:15-4:00 in Kemper Dance Studio

Debate Club, led by Jin Huang and Simran Rakhra
Fridays 1:55 pm in Ms. Everitt’s room

Multicultural Club, led by Mai Kondo and Mariella Beaurpere
Thursday at lunch, as of now, in Ms. Billing’s room

Hot Spot, led by Harmeet Dhami and Iris Li
Friday at 2:20 in the Co-Lab

Badminton Club, led by Poplar Yang
This club will be a spring sport in March three days a week. Physical Education credits may be earned.

STEM Club, led by Sara Peng
Friday Lunch time in the Co- Lab

Mock Trial Club, led by Em Shi
Mondays 3:15-4:00 in Mr. Burns’s room

Stay tuned for potential clubs such as Korean Culture Club hosted by Soobin Lee.