Devastation hits Houston


See the school on the left? Look familiar? This is a picture of Saint Thomas Episcopal School in Houston Texas. Can you imagine if Annie Wright was three feet underwater?

Julia Henning, Maeve Hunt, and Nina Doody

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and hurricane Harvey is no exception. Harvey came in as a category 4 hurricane, first made landfall on August 25, and continued with nine days of rainfall and devastation after. Harvey hit 50 counties in Texas and Louisiana.

Only three days after Harvey hit, over 56,000 people called 911 for emergency help; however the rescue teams were only able to help and rescue 2,000 of those people.

Yellow Tie students Terah Gruber and Julia Henning are running a fundraiser that includes a table at the Back-to-School picnic with a donation jar and selling sugar scrubs next week in the Upper School for Girls lounge (pre-orders available). 100% of all proceeds go to Team Rubicon, a nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in times of natural disasters such as the ones that have and will hit the United States.

A new hurricane is also arising. Hurricane Irma, now at a category 5, is scheduled to hit Florida coast on Sunday morning. After seeing what happened to Houston the residents of the Miami area are taking serious precautions to handle the hurricane as best as possible.

Harvey by the numbers

39.7 inches of rainfall

9 days of heavy rain

130 mph was highest recorded winds

3,100 miles traveled

Last category 4 hurricane in Texas was 1886