New Field Officially Debuts


“Chomp,” the Annie Wright Schools gator mascot, celebrated the opening of the field yesterday with a faculty and students.

Abby Givens

The long awaited turf field debuted with a faculty/student soccer game on May 18 and a donor gratitude event on May 19. With final approval from the City of Tacoma on May 18, the field opened to sporting events, including the annual Powderpuff game against Charles Wright on May 31.

The new field will replace our old “unplayable and unsafe field” according to Head of Schools Christian Sullivan. The old field, built in 1923, was not regulation size, and the soccer team was unable to use it for home games.

For years to come, students will use the field as “a play space, a competition space, and a practice space,” according to Director of Athletics Mike Finch. Lower School kids can play on it during recess, and sporting practices as well as games will also take place on the new turf field. Once fall comes around, the soccer team will get full priority and utilization of the field, in addition to hosting home games there.

With the new turf field, however, comes new rules and guidelines. According to Finch, “The general rules adhere to the yellow curb policy; so beyond this point no food or beverages.” Other rules include no dogs, no gum and no heels or long studs. Even with new limitations on the field’s use, however, Finch stated he was “super pumped” about the new development.