Announcing Class Officer and Honor Board results for 2017-2018

Allison Fitz

Results are in for Class Officer positions (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) and Honor Board members. Unusually, two students received an equal number of votes for the Sophomore Secretary/Treasurer position.

“They’ll either share the role, split the role, or one can give it to the other!” said Dean of Students Annie Green.

Red Tie (Senior) Class Officers:

President: Harmeet Dhami

Vice President: Mari Beaurpere 

Secretary/Treasurer: Emily Treece 

Green Tie (Sophomore) Class Officers:

President: Aly Nguyen

Vice President: Katye Mayora 

Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Peng & Em Shi (TIE) 

Blue Tie (Freshman) Class Officers:

President: Raven Chen

Vice President: Lillian Prime

Secretary/Treasurer: Jessy Li

Honor Council Representatives (Day side):

Honor Board Chair: Mari Beaurpere

Rachel Holland

Raquel Berman

Rhiannon Simmonds

April Fraser