Annie Wright introduces new Chinese exchange program


from left to right: Sitara McMillan, Tiffany Wang, Jessy Li, Kayla Mathurin, Aiyana Honeysuckle and Minyi Jiang

Nina Doody

Annie Wright introduced a new exchange program this week. Currently Annie Wright offers exchange programs to Spain, New Zealand, France, and now China.

This year they are starting with freshmen and sophomores who will be sophomores and juniors next year during the exchange. In the future they anticipate expanding the program to more grades.

International Programs Coordinator Meg Billings and Chinese teacher Luna Yu are facilitating the program. According to Billings, Chinese students who spend their year in the dorms will “get to learn about American family life and culture, in addition to having contact time with more native English speakers.”

The pioneer participants include American freshman Sitara McMillan with Chinese freshman Tiffany Wang, American freshman Kayla Mathurin with Chinese freshman Jessy Li, and American sophomore Aiyana Honeysuckle with Chinese sophomore Minyi Jiang.

The domestic day students will host their Chinese exchange students for four weeks throughout various parts of the 2017-18 school year. Then, in summer 2018 they will travel to China to do the second part of their exchange.

Thinking about this opportunity? The program is currently open to girls studying Chinese, along with Chinese students who want to be hosts and hosted.

Contact Meg Billings or Luna Yu for more information.