Molly Bryant


Allison Fitz

Each week, Heart of the Hallway features a personal insight from a randomly selected Annie Wright Upper Schooler.

Molly Bryant, Junior

It was midnight and I was coming home from babysitting. I was driving to Puyallup to my grandparent’s house, and all of the sudden, I see two cows in the middle of the road, and I felt like I was going to hit one. So I turned on my brights, and then I pulled over and I called the police.

I dialed 911 and a man picked up and asked, “What’s your emergency?”

And I said, “There are two cows in the middle of the street and I feel that they are a danger because I almost hit one.”

He transferred me and I talked to someone else and apparently another person had already reported it. So then I kept driving and I was almost to my grandparent’s and then red and blue lights are flashing behind me, and I had never been pulled over before. It was possibly the scariest moment in my entire life.

So I pulled over, and for a moment, I thought that maybe he was coming to talk to me about the cows. Like maybe the person from 911 sent him to ask me questions, I don’t know.

I rolled down my window and he said, “You know your brights are on, right?”

And I was like, “What? There was a cow! I’m confused. I just got off the phone with 911 because there was a cow in the middle of the road and that’s why my brights were on.”

And he was really confused. Then he took my information and I started balling hysterically and he didn’t give me a ticket or anything, but he checked out the situation with the cows and took care of them.