Tennis team off to a great start


Allison Fitz

The Annie Wright Upper School tennis season is well under way with a current record of 6 wins and 1 loss. They lost early in the season to Overlake but beat them 5 – 0 on Wednesday. The varsity had a victory of 3 – 2 against Bush on Thursday.

Varsity roster:

Kaitlin Tan

Taylor Anderson

Agye Mintah

Emma Verbovski

Erica Chen

Nina Ye

Cate Farrell

Caitlyn Bell

As of today, Kaitlin, Taylor, Agye and Emma are undefeated in all their matches. Erica and Nina are undefeated in doubles.

Eleanor Tanbara, Natalie Fah, Sarah Chon and Charlotte Yuan have played matches on the varsity team, depending on the competition. Other JV players are Bella Eisenhardt, Rayna Wolff and Ayaha Itokawa.