Senior Signings: Courtney Cureton


Katie Erickson

Courtney Cureton has committed to the University of San Diego where she will row in the fall.

Cureton serves as team captain on the Commencement Bay Girl’s Crew team, where she has rowed for all four years of high school. Cureton currently holds the fastest 4k time on her team with a personal record of 2 minutes and .8 milliseconds. In addition, Cureton has participated in the Head of the Lake Regatta, where she took 3rd place in the varsity quad category.

Apart from rowing, Cureton juggles additional athletic pursuits. Cureton can deadlift 285 pounds for five reps and is currently set to beat the Washington state teen female record, which is 303 pounds for 1 rep. Cureton trains for a total of 21 hours each week for crew and deadlift.

At Annie Wright, Cureton serves as ASB Vice President and the Head of Honor Council. Cureton is also the founder and president of the Black Awareness Club, an African-American and black culture club.

When asked what her aspirations for the future were, Cureton flippantly responded: “I hope to become best friends with Virginia again.” When further pressed about her more academically oriented goals she said, “I plan to live with no regrets, major in sports marketing with a minor in ethnic studies and a concentration in African American studies.”