Annie Wright basketball team surpasses school record with 11 wins


photo courtesy of Lisa Monet Photography

Allison Fitz


On Thursday, February 2, with their 40-26 win over Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, the 2017 Annie Wright Upper School basketball team broke the previous school record of 10 season wins. The team sets the new record, 11 wins, and still has the opportunity to raise it with three games remaining in the season.

On Tuesday the team tied the record with a win against Eastside Prep. The night’s festivities continued as the basketball team celebrated Senior Night, a ceremony to honor the four graduating players’ last game played in the Kemper Gym at Annie Wright. Students, faculty and family supported the senior players and their athletic accomplishments with speeches, posters, and cake.

“Although I am not much of a sports aficionado, I very much enjoy watching the Annie Wright basketball games as it gives me the chance to see my students excel,” said  Upper School Science teacher Donald Sidman. Attending almost every home game, Sidman has been able to watch the historic team develop. “This year’s team is exciting to watch, and is certainly the best team during my tenure at Annie Wright.”

The team will play the Northwest School this evening to determine 3rd place in the Emerald City League.


Seniors: Courtney Cureton, Virginia Miller, Maria Peterson and Abbey Turner

Juniors: Raquel Berman, Phoebe Brown and Zyaire Cheatham

Sophomores: Kelsey Seo, Rhiannon Simmonds and Amhina Webb

Freshman: Helen Wei