Global Fest Planning Begins


The art activity group is planning a “Cake Cookie Construction Contest” for Global Fest.

Allison Fitz and Abby Givens

The co-curricular days of January 23 and 24 are set aside for planning the 2017 Upper School Global Fest, a two-day period of no academic classes in the Upper School. 2017 will be the second official year of Global Fest, which is derived from an event that was formerly called International Week. Most of the planning responsibilities of Global Fest are given to the 9th grade class, to give them important roles in the Upper School.

According to Upper School Spanish teacher, 9th grade class dean and Global Fest founder Emily Stokes, the program is dedicated to “community building through an experiential event”  and designed to celebrate culture, empower students, and foster community and intercultural understanding.

Last year, Global Fest’s theme focused on the idea of beauty around the world. This year, students chose to focus on food and everything it entails. “Everybody enjoys food,” said Stokes. “Food is at the heart of community building, and even at its superficial levels, it is deeply personal.”

Several groups are planning breakout activities. The art activity, led by Upper School art teacher John Weir, plans to host a Cake Cookie Construction Contest, also referred to as the CCCC. Because of time restraints, participants will not bake but will build and construct. Specific details, such as the prize and given materials, are yet to be announced, but they did reveal that the cakes constructed will be available for all to taste after the competition concludes.

Annie’s Angels, the Upper School’s community service activity led by Tiffany Shaw, will offer five different opportunities to get involved in both Annie Wright and Tacoma’s food community. The available activities include interviews, advocacy and service in the community organizations of Mary Bridge Treehouse, the Backpack Project, Rescue Mission and Tacoma food banks in general, as well as Annie Wright’s own kitchen.

Global Fest will run all day on March 6 and 7, 2017.