Remembering Merlin


Merlin is honored in the Annie Wright yearbook of 1988

Katie Erickson

Merlin Bernard-Toledano, Annie Wright’s long-serving security guard, has passed away. Merlin retired at the end of last year. He was a United States Army veteran. “Merlin was a warm, charismatic, caring person. I am extremely sorry to have to share this sad news with you all,” said Head of Schools Christian Sullivan. Merlin began his long career in Annie Wright’s maintenance and security department in the early 1980s and retired in 2015. There is no news yet regarding his memorial service.


Alumni remember Merlin:

“He was always one of the most positive minded, strong and wise individuals. He helped me feel like I mattered; something that was lacking in my own identity at the time. Thank you for being such a positive influence in our lives. You will be missed.” – Olivia Peters

“Merlin always checked in on me Freshman year when I was the first day student to arrive (early early in the a.m.) and the last to leave (late late at night). He helped make AWS a second home. Very sad to hear that he is gone.” –Megan Joy Boudreaux 

“Nothing but happy memories of this warm, funny and incredibly caring soul. We were so lucky to have him in our lives.” – Erin Trimingham


Current students remember Merlin:

“I remember coming to school one year on Christmas Day, and Merlin was here working. He was so cheerful even though he was here alone in the school on Christmas Day – he didn’t complain or anything, just wished me a Merry Christmas and smiled. My family hung out with him for a while in the Great Hall and had appetizers and it was so nice.”

“When I was in Preschool, I thought he was a pirate. He would always come in and visit the children who were staying late in the extended day program and flick the lights.”

“I would stand in the dorm dinner line and Merlin would always stand behind us tell us a story. I just remember listening to all these crazy stories of his and they would be the highlight of my night.”