Fall Sports Stride, Set and Kick into Gear

On September 7, 2016, the Gator volleyball games against Seattle Academy kicked off the 2016 Upper School fall sports season. After winning the first set 26-24, the JV ended with a loss of 2-1. The Varsity game directly followed, and after three short sets and lots of cheering, the Gators celebrated a victory of 3-0.

This volleyball season launches this year with four new coaches: Jeff Grosshans, Hailey Tamagni, Sarah Squiers and Jeremy Stubbs. The evolving Annie Wright volleyball program aims to unite the entire school community, with teams coached consistently in all the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.  

In similar athletic spirit, the first Gators soccer game is on Friday, September 9th at 3:00 pm. Soccer will face their rival Forest Ridge on their home turf at the WPFC Fields in Puyallup. Last year the soccer team struggled with having enough players to fill the roster, but this year the roster is much larger, with 24 players.

The cross country team, coached by Troy Droubay, trains for their first meet on Tuesday, September 13, at Lincoln Park in Seattle. For those looking for fitness opportunities and to participate in a team sport, the Cross Country program is now offering a JV team as well as a running club, both coached by Annie Wright 4th grade teacher Keliko Adams.

Click here for Annie Wright’s sports calendar.