Students Buzz Over New Computer Science Course


This year Annie Wright introduced computer science, a new course for freshmen and sophomores taught by Mr. Stubbs. This new elective aims to help girls a deeper understanding of computers and programing.

Mr. Stubbs has plenty of experience in teaching computer science as he taught AP computer science for two years at his previous school. He is passionate about science, math and of course, computer science.

Mr. Stubbs said he would like Annie Wright to become “an awesome engineering, science, and math school.” He also hopes that computer science and other programs he has taken on such as robotics will take off and evolve into a signature program similar to Girls’ Business & Entrepreneurship.

According to Mr. Stubbs, a huge plus to computer science in the IB program is that students do not test till senior year, and have plenty of time to learn and expand their love for computer science before they are tested in it.

The new course has already received positive reviews. “I have really enjoyed the class so far and appreciate the supportive environment. I like how you can come in with no experience and still learn and do well,” said Freshman Lillian Prime.