College Countdown Rapidly Approaching

by Virginia Walkey and Caroline Dai

While November first may not a be a special day marked in your calendar, for many seniors it is. November first is the first college deadline for about 33 of our 45 Blue Ties this year.

As the deadline approaches and seniors’ black circles get darker, they fret about essays, test scores, teacher recommendations and how they compare to the rest of the students applying.

November first is traditionally the deadline for any students applying early decision or early action. Early decision is generally for your number one school because it is binding, wherein if you are accepted you are legally required to go. Early action is much more flexible; you hear back earlier than most students, but are not required to go if accepted. These deadlines are important because they have higher acceptance rates, but of course there are exceptions.

It is a stressful time for the Blue Ties, so keep in mind that they might be tired or angry because of all the hours they have been spending on their applications. While it is an exciting process, it will be a relief for most Blues submitting their early decision and early action applications. So when you’re chowing down on your halloween candy the morning of November first, think about texting a senior and wishing her good luck for all of her early applications.