The 2020 Election Issue



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Holding an election this year looks very different. Not only is the COVID-19 pandemic reaching a possible second wave, but our politics are only becoming more polarized.
We doubt the main events of the election is news to our audience, but the details and intricacies can prove hard to follow. We also know this election and its accompanying conflicts have been a great source of stress for many. We hope this issue can provide some clarity as well as hope for a more united future.
Flipping through, you will find articles on leading constructive political conversations, student activist spotlights, other countries’ perspectives on the U.S., and more. Our staff worked hard remotely for two months to put together a balanced and thoughtful issue speaking on these topics. We hope that no matter your political affiliation, the issue will produce new insights and spark productive conversations in your community.
Please stay kind.
We hope you are staying safe and healthy as you read through this publication.


Julia Henning, Editor-in-Chief

Gabrielle Krieger, Print Editor

Parker Briggs, Online Editor