You go all in, these Casino Night prizes go all out


One of Mr. Considine’s famous carnivorous plants is up for auction this Casino Night.

Allison Fitz

The Great Hall will open at 7:00 pm tomorrow for the annual Casino Night.

$5 per bag of poker chips, and you can purchase up to $20. Boarders get their first bag free. Only non-AWS students need to bring their student ID.




Items Auctioned in the Following Order:


Limo Service for 10 on PROM NIGHT

BBQ Dinner for 10 @ Chateau Guadnola

Movie Marathon in Kemper + Lots of Food

Haunted House Tour for 6 @ Freighthouse Square

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ for 4

Fall Day for 10 @ Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Mystery Prize #1 (Value $10-35)

GIANT Blow Up Unicorn Float. Bring a bunch of friends!

Homemade Dumplings with Luna for 6

Date Night for 4 @ Pt. Ruston Cinema, Ice Cream, & Farrelli’s

Air Hockey Table

Shake x3 Date w/ a Friend & Two of Your Favorite Teachers

Game Night for 8. Card Games, Board games, & Video Games

Plant from Considine!

Mystery Prize #2 (Value $10-35)

Sephora Gift Card $50

Sundaes at the Sullivans’ for 10

Inflatable Parrot Suit

Nike Gift Card $50

Downtown Donuts w/ Stubbs for 10

Star Wars Themed Dorm Room Package: Blanket, Lights, Bowls, Mask, & Weekend Late Lights x2, & Room Pass x2

Mystery Prize #3 (Value $10-35)

Instant Cupcake Party for 12 from Hello, Cupcake


If you may have forgotten how to play poker, or never really knew what poker was, Inkwell has you covered with this guide.